Archaeological work

Archaeological work is regulated by Law 107/2001 of September 8 (Articles 74 to 79) and by Decree-Law 164/2014 of November 4 (Archaeological Work Regulations).

Archaeological works are understood to mean all actions carried out in terrestrial and underwater environments which, through archaeological methodologies, aim at the identification, registration, study, protection and valorization of the archaeological heritage, carried out by means of prospecting, drilling, excavation, monitoring Archaeological, contextual registration actions, archaeological structures and stratigraphy of the architecture and actions of conservation and valorization in monuments, collections and sites.

Archaeological work must be conducted by archaeologists and must be authorized by the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage, under the advice of the Regional Directorate of Culture, which is territorially competent.

Applications for authorization for archaeological works are exclusively submitted electronically, through the Portal do Arqueológo.

Within the specific scope of the archaeological work, the Regional Directorate of Culture of the North pursues the following attributions:

To accompany the actions of safeguarding and valuing the archaeological heritage;
To coordinate the activity of the technical teams of archeology in the fields of exploration, inventory and registration of the archaeological heritage;
To support and collaborate in the systematic and updated inventory of the assets that make up the archaeological heritage;
To instruct and prepare an opinion on the requests for authorization to carry out archaeological works and submit them to the DGPC for consideration, as well as to analyze and submit their reports to the DGPC;
Supervise and monitor the archaeological work authorized by the DGPC, as well as inform the DGPC of unauthorized archaeological work;
To organize and guarantee the maintenance of archaeological deposits under the responsibility of the DRCN, as well as propose other places of deposit and final incorporation;

For more information on archaeological works, we suggest consulting the electronic page of the Directorate General of Cultural Heritage.