Office of support for entrepreneurship
The Office of Support for Entrepreneurship aims to help bring the cultural sector closer to the economy, entrepreneurship, participation in networks and innovation.

To this end, the DRCN adopts a proactive stance in encouraging the development of the sector, promoting networking among different entities and organizations with responsibilities in this area.

Thus, the Office will have the following functions:
(A) provide information on national and European funding opportunities and opportunities for entrepreneurs;
B) support in the preparation of projects and applications;
C) identify national and foreign partners,
D) establish partnerships and identify areas of research with applicability;
E) to promote the mapping of the cultural agents of the North region,
F) Technically support cultural organizations and entrepreneurs in the field of design, preparation, financing and management of cultural projects, providing consultancy and training services.
You can contact the Office via email or telephone 22 6000 454.

The meetings with the technicians that make up the Cabinet - Cidália Duarte - take place in the Allen House on Thursdays.