St. Mary Monastery of Pombeiro
Location N 41° 22’ 58.30” | W 8° 13’ 32.49”
Place of the monastery, 4610-038 Felgueiras, Porto
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+ 351 255 810 706 | + 351 918 116 488

One of the oldest monastic institutions of the Portuguese territory, documented since 853, was relocated from site and rebuilt in the XI and XII centuries, although little remains of the constructive campaigns undertaken by the Benedictine monks of that time. In 1112 he received a cautum letter from Teresa and was sponsored by the important family of Sousões of Ribavizela. It became one the great powers of the region, accumulating a vast land heritage and political influence.

In the XVI century were introduced in de façade two modernist towers. In the XVIII century were designed several altars inside the church and at the beginning of the XIX century, the cloister was remodelled in the neoclassical standards, a model unparalleled in the North monastic areas of the country.



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    Wednesday to Sunday: 10:00 am to 18:00 pm (excluding holidays except: 3 and 25 April, June 10, August 15)


    Normal Ticket – 1, 00€