Protocols and partnerships

For the Northern Regional Directorate of Culture, cooperation with public or private entities, rather than a legal obligation, it is a strategic objective. Establishing protocols and partnerships is an ancient DRCN practice, which is now increasingly relevant before challenging economic conditions, but above all because only conceive the work in the field of culture at a ratio of logic with each other.

An operating plan, protocols and partnerships serve to leverage resources and share mutually enriching experiences, but a more comprehensive plan approach the institutions and persons and thus help to cement a willing community to work around common values for the good of all, that is, willing to build a civilization.

The protocols cover areas as diverse as placements, provide access to cultural activities, cooperation in research, heritage rehabilitation or organization of exhibitions and events.

Number of protocols / year:
                                               2010: 17 protocols
                                               2011: 13 protocols
                                               2012: 31 protocols
                                               2013: 28 protocols
                                               2014: 48 protocols

2014 protocol list